Welcome to Blog-landia: Recital Edition

Hello Visitors! 

Welcome to my website blog. You will find many unrelated things here (in the future). Here are some of the things you will find: post-it notes, new web content notifications, rants, etc. For example, I just finished uploading the documentation (audio+photos) for my junior recital. You should check that out! 

A little more background on me and my recital: I am currently a fourth year (out of five) at Oberlin College & Conservatory. I am working towards two degrees: a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a B.Mus. in TIMARA (Technology In Music And Related Arts). As part of my TIMARA major, I am required to have two performances, including one in my last year. These recitals are expected to be the product of an entire semester's work, if not more. My recital was no exception....

In September, I assembled my ensemble. They originally numbered five, although one dropped out fairly early in the month. Down to four group members, we began working on small improvisation games. I would make a sound, and the ensemble would sing whatever note they heard -steadily- for an entire breath. We would repeat this and similar games, picking out the material that seemed most compelling. This is how we spent October. 

In the immortal words of Drake, "then November came" and I began to experiment with musical scores. For the way I make music and the sound I gravitate towards, writing out musical notes on staff paper doesn't make much sense. Instead, I used text almost exclusively (and some basic graphs) to sequence the most successful "games" we had worked on in October. The recital began to take shape. 

November 30th, 2015 Dress Rehearsal in Fairchild chapel.
After a night of frantic edits to the pre-recorded beginning to my recital, I felt weary but confident that I'd at least thought of everything, if not out-right taken care of it. Finally! We could hear the music in the space. My scream echoed back and forth against the stone walls. My bass saturated the tiny chapel with low frequency hums and groans. 'This is the perfect venue!' I thought.

To see and hear the result of my work: Go Here