I would like to cordially invite you to Paulus van Horne's Senior TIMARA Recital, Community Radio, on February 10th at 8 & 830pm . Community Radio will be installed in the Richard D. Baron Art Gallery in Oberlin, OH. The address of the gallery is 65 E. College St., Suite 5, 44074.

Community Radio is an audio love letter to the people and place that is Oberlin sent by micro-broadcast to a collection of transistor radios dispersed throughout the gallery. For those who cannot attend the installation, a portion of the installation will broadcast/stream concurrently on WOBC 91.5fm ( The 30 minute installation (played twice) contains soundmarks specific to Oberlin, mixed in with interviews and speeches from Oberlin community members. The composition is inspired by the power of community radio stations across the globe. After five years in Oberlin, Paulus seeks to capture and preserve a few fragments of the transient institutional memory that remains preserved in the community but often lost to the college with each graduating class.

Attendees are welcome to walk around the gallery, exploring the four complementary audio compositions in time and space. The compositions are paired off in each half of the gallery; listeners are encouraged to stay for the full hour in order to hear all possible combinations of these sounds. Seating is also provided.  *Light Refreshments* are pending bureaucratic approval

Please forward to your friends/family! Listen to the stream ( if you cannot make it!